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World Leadership Congress

Role Players 2018

Hisham Hamid Moahmmed Mahmoud

Founder & Director
Profit General Trading LLC

Founder and Director of Profit General Trading LLC (PGT), Hisham Hamid is a Sudanese entrepreneur and investor, he received a bachelor of science degree with honors in computer Engineer, he is also a founder of AL-gafari For Integrated and Alaanig For agriculture and animal project in Sudan.

His technical knowledge, enthusiasm, business know-how and the desire to contribute, enable him to engage in different business ventures, which comprises a diverse portfolio of businesses that include telecommunications, Engineering, Agriculture and Import/Export

He forms a long term partnership with small agricultural project in Sudan, by providing the finance in terms of latest technology equipments and quality of seeds. Thanks to his partnership Profit General Trading was able to have a frequent supply of animal feeds which give him a competitive advantage to compete in Dubai market

Mr.Hisham lead a team of professional employee with strong business background, and by realizing the success of the existing partnership with small agricultural project and the benefits of understanding the Gulf market; PTG form a lot of partnership with diverse agricultural and industrial project in Sudan for the supply of different products. And very recently he was able to seal a good business deal with a big Chinese company, which will open new horizon for his company in Asia